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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and vice president joe biden headed to the bay area. >> and right now we are watching clear skies across the by area. looking for the problem. i see some flashing lights. the rest of the commute coming up. may 28th, this is today in the bay. very good morning to you.
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u.s. secret spying programs is giving his first u.s. television interview to nbc news. good morning. good morning tow scott. because of these leaks revealed the state of california is looking at clamping down at what is allowed at personal cell phone records and records from a computer. he explains to williams that he was trained and assigned a name that wasn't his and that he was a technical specialist and he
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worked with the cia and nfa. he said he never meant to end up there. i had a flight booked to cuba and i was stopped because the united states decided to revoke my passport and trap me in the airport. >> the fact is, you know he can come home but he is a fugitive from justice which is why he's not being permitted to fly around the world which is why it is that simple. >> he is living in exile there. it is a fascinating interview. a number of people anxious to hear what he has to say in that interview this evening. >> our nbc news exclusive will air here tonight at 10:00.
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you can stay tuned after. we'll have the news at 11:00. it is 6:02. classes resume at uc santa barbara since that horrific rampage that left six students dead. tony another tough day ahead. >> reporter: yes, it is going to be a tough day ahead for everyone here. not only the students but the faculty. we are here at the gate. look behind me, clearly this is still a campus in mourning. classes resume today after an emotional service yesterday. >> the memorial service grew a crowd of 20,0003,0, 3 those ove
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capacity. a college student killed himself after fatally stabbing and shooting at three other students. richard martinez, the father of victim christopher martinez has made repeated calls for gun violence while remembers and honor honors it is clear when the 21,000 plus students return today they will be carrying their grief and pain with them.
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in the meantime a memorial continues to grow. george chen was among those killed. his mother left a pot of yellow roses reading the sweetest son and grandson the most loving brother i will love you forever. other news new this morning two americans hurt after machine gun fire. >> 6:05:vice president joe biden is in town to give the address
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at the air force academy. they will attend a private fundrais fundraiser. >> the commission that is trying to take away city college of san francisco's acrkredation told nancy pelosi, they want to extend the deadline. that is when the school is supposed to have fixed it's financial deadline. they have been too lenient with the school. it's college has 80,000 students. >> it is time to check the forecast. golden gate bridge. clear views this morning. check in with christina. gorgeous start to our day. we are not getting in any fog. including as you saw around the
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golden gate bridge. a sign that it will be running warmer than what we saw yesterday. 50 degrees hazy skies there. mostly clear skies low 80s for today. the problem here is the wind direction picking up out of the west. this is going to be from now until thursday.
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sticking around through thursday for the county out towards fair field. now the weather pattern responsible for the winds. this is going to keep things dry if not slightly warmer for thursday. temperatures are climbing for tomorrow. temperatures on the rise. area of low pressure dropping down from canada. the cooler air how much moisture will that have. it could kick off showers for the area. but p we'll have to watch out for coastal mountain showers late saturday into sunday. close to 70 today. we'll see highs in the low 80s.
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checking in with mike. >> not so bad. yesterday tough commute for many spots including the try valley. i want to show the bay bring. don't see anything blocking the lanes. it sounded like a portable building blocking the edge. looking at the maps. we see the slow down. that is a bigger back up over the last ten minutes. same thing with the bridge. typical for the 101 for the area.
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watching your roads no delays reported. all reporting great delays around the bay. there is your look around the bay. there is one issue and now it is moving more smoothly. expect the traffic and change in the peninsula. we'll give you a live look here. northbound coming toward us past the shops and southbound away from us. >> beautiful start to our day isn't it? >> nice. let's go outside. time now 6:10. still ahead. hidden cash stashed in the south bay. >> coming up next. let's look outside. san matteo bridge.
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traffic moving smoothly through there. we'll keep checking back with them. coming up in moments. >> honored with three national awards with excellence. featured reporting with public service and television journali journalism. we investigate. the world of fashion is split in two.
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clear skies temperatures warming up. looking at your forecast coming up. and a live look here the san matteo bridge. it is moving westbound into the sunlight. peninsula no delays but the vvo
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starts to build. here is a look at today's top stories. he and his wife jill will fly to san francisco where they will attend a fundraiser for the democratic national committee. aaron hernandez is expected to be in court today. he already faces charges in last year's deadly shooting. we will hear from confessed leakleak er edward snowden. you can watch the interview during a one hour special at 10:00 p.m. right here. we are still waiting on our
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first clue from a mysterious millionaire who plans to hide cash around the south bay. nothing yet? >> yeah, nothing yet. he's got over roughly 125,000 followers. he's got them in the past five days. we are talking about the twitter handle @hiddencash. he tweeted out that he would be dropping more money in the south bay. we don't know because he hasn't put out the clues yet. those following him on twit ter
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crissy field the palace of fine arts and i hope he goes everyone else so everybody gets a chance. >> and this is what the man behind@hiddencash e-mail wrote. >> you know we don't know much about this person except that he is a man and claims to have made his fortune flipping properties and this is his way of paying it forward. it appears that they are taking that message to heart. sharing that money to strangers around them. we are waiting for clueing and still, nothing. last post was seven hours ago.
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>> maybe he is sleeping in. at san jose city hall. >> there you go. >> good morning for a money hunt out there. it is time to check the forecast. a live look to the bay bridge. a nice way to start our day. good morning. visibility not a problem. looking around the bay. we have clear skies and a little chilly in a few spots around the bay area. oakland 50 degrees. temperatures are jumping up. should see sunshine there over the coliseum and we should see gorgeous weather for the game just after 7:00 we will see the first pitch forecast in the mid 60s. earlier start in san francisco. this is going to be at at&t
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park. not too bad. 67 degrees. northwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. lack of clouds and fog around the bay this morning. temperatures inland into the evening and it is the wind direction now that is the problem. it is a dry wind not so much of a sea breeze. wind is coming in off the water. north winds and that is the problem. that is the reason we have a red flag warning. now through thursday evening winds dropping down warming temperatures out through fair field through thursday and the return of on-shore winds. the return of the drizzle and we are heading towards the weekend. knocking down fire danger. the 7 day forecast and temperatures are dropping off. so, right now. we have a trough of low pressure
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across the west coast. breezy conditions for tomorrow. breezy conditions thursday should be the warmest day of the week. heading into the weekend the opposite happens. we have this trough digging down. that is going to bring in cooler air and we could have isolated showers heading in towards the weekend. 80 degrees in san jose. up towards the north bay. try valley seeing temperatures today warming into the mid 80s. here is mike. san jose is moving smoothly now. folks are bogged down. series under that 680 crossing. look at the maps. that is the only area with the slowing. there is a small build now as well. pretty easy pattern through the
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south bay. we'll see this slow down. the colleges are off and the school is starting to get off. we'll see that shift later in the day. 880 at 287. fender bender we are starting that commute at 287. across the dunbarton bridge. an easy flow of traffic. we had an earlier crash. that is cleared and these folks making up a bit of time. southbound 680 slowing down. 65 at the worst. 880 slow coming off at 238 and then again through fremont at that side of the bay. richmond and down through the curve. 37 westbound and southbound 101. across the goldengate bridge.
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nice easy smooth flow across this span. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> it is 620 a live look outside this morning. at&t park both the giants and the a's are playing at home today. giants are wrapping up a game against the cubs. it was a moment before the game that captured everyone's attention. this is charlie hughes he is throwing out the first pitch p. he jumps into his arms for a bear hug. let's see it again. hughes had a brain injury as an infant. he practiced for weeks to throw that pitch. he told the media quote it was the best thing that has ever happened to him.
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>> i know him. we did a thing for hope service. will clark and charlie hughes and when will met him that is when he set that up. he is the world's biggest giant's fan. >> it is 6:22 still ahead. cameras show the moment a man is struck by lightening and he survives. we'll show you it next. no backpacks. sign up sheet s for the bathroo.
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6:24 the heat may finally be off the maker of siracha hot sauce. the mayor says he will ask city council to drop it's nuisance order. the city council filed that complaint after people who lived near the plant complained about the spicy smells burned their eyes. a school in new york has banned backpacked and sealed up lockers. the new rules went into effect yesterday at the high school in long island. now students have to carry belongings in clear bags and trash bags and those have to get
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checked. students have to sign in and out when using the bathroom. this morning a man has made national headlines after being struck by lightening while trying to chase a storm. >> the scene captured outside of his car window. the lightening struck his arm continued down to the ground and apparently he wasn't hurt too badly. his car did not make it, it had to be towed. >> i don't know if i want to see his arm. >> 6:26, still ahead, a fire burning near yosemite. >> and two bay area teens trying to spell success at this year's national spelling bee. hidden money. bob redell is live on the story
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this morning. from money to pure gold there is the golden gate bridge we will check in with mike and traffic in a minute.
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spelling their way into the spotlight. we are going to tell you about the two bay area teens competing in this year's national spelling bee. clear skies around the bay area right now. temperatures soaring into the inland. look at the folks coming in off of 580. nice sunrise and we will show you that commute.
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live look at the opening bell. stocks have been on atary. close to an all time high. today is wednesday this is today in the bay. from nbc bay area. happening now crews hope the winds will die down as they prepare to fight the fires. the area has been evacuated and making the area for crews to contain. so far it is 20% surrounded.
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how do you spell pressure. this year two students are from here in the bay area. hey scott it has been so f fascinating. they have the preliminaries and then tomorrow if they advance live on tv someone will be crowned the national champion. neha is a 7th grade student and loves to read at venture novels and these kids are in tune to a lot of things. and another 8th grader.
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and she actually likes robotics and is training and learning technology liken coding and web development. i was talking to folks who run the spelling bee. >> i think everyone has participated in a spelling bee did you? >> i didn't get past the school spelling bee i got stumped with the word conscience. i don't know how i spelled it. it is conscience. gentleman mine was mine was
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man's. >> bringing me back. taking you out this morning to alcatraz island. what a beautiful scene. clear skies we are having throughout the bay. oakland right now. sunshine.
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as we move ip to the afternoon temperatures will climb up. not much in the morning. valley temperatures climbing into the wind direction more out of the north. this will be a dry wind out towards the east bay. we have a red flag warning up towards the county. lowering humidity levels. near 80 degrees today as the winds pick up as you suffer for allergies. temperatures around san francisco today near 70 degrees. near 85.
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>> looking over here toward the workweek as we approach the bay bridge. looking into the east shore. we see the berkley curve. 580 at the top of your screen. let's show you the maps. what i wanted to point out is where the arrow is. 580 off of 24.
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the rest of the bay with the typical slow down pattern. south bay northbound 101. slowing down near the airport. 87 from the expressway from 87 as well. watching the roads and the rails. i see a lot of these on a daily report. the bay shore freeway no delays. >> thank you very much. sad news to report breaking news from our nbc station in north carolina. civil rights leader dr. maya g
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anglou has died. she died this morning. police car and ambulance were seen outside her home this morning. she was supposeded t eed to att awards dinner last month but backed out due to health reasons. so famous poet dead at 86. right. >> well, with that we'll take a break and be back in just a minute.
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welcome back everyone and a very good wednesday morning to you. the hills are alive this morning taking a live look outside. nice clear start to our day. a good wednesday morning to you. best selling author and chief operating officer of facebook will speak to thousands of harvard grads today. the school says she is an inspiration for students in both personal and inspirational lives. the beastie boys hope a judge will prevent monster beverages
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from using their music in video. ♪ it was made for a yearly snow boarding competition. monster says they should pay $125,000. it says it was an accident. as you recall. they fought over the use of it's video featuring a parody of girls. >> we'll have clues where you can find it next. >> i worked for the central intelligence agency undercover
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we continue to follow breaking news civil rights leader and poet maya angelou has died. the city's mayor says he was saddened to hear of that loss. officers called to the home this morning to investigate a death. a angelou was supposed to attend the beacon awards last month and backed out at the last minute.
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>> lawmakers want to end spying on californians. >> good morning to you. this was in the wake of leaks revealed by edward snowden. the type of training he says he had. the former nsa contractor is responsible for a staggering leak of intelligence. he was trained as a spy and lived and worked undercover. he worked on systems from the
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bottom to the top. his answer draws a sharp response from the secretary of state. >> i had a flight baooked to cua and i was stopped because the government decided to revoke my passport and trap me. so when people ask me, why are you in russia i say please ask the state department. >> if mr. snowden wants to come back to the united states today he can come back today. that is what a patriot would do. i patriot would not run away and look for refuge in some other country. >> mr. snowden is living in exile and wanted for treason.
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many eger to hear what he has to say and that will be airing this evening. as you mentioned it will air at 10:00 tonight. stay tuned afterwards for nbc bay area news for the forecast. as we give you a live look at san jose and san francisco. we have had lovely pictures from all over the bay area this morning. as we have seen the sun come up. it makes you want to go outside. and eventually we will see temperatures soaring into the 80s. right now 54 degrees, kind of a cool start in parts of the bay area this morning. you see the sunshine in parts of the south bay. temperatures in the mid 50s. currently, we are at 51 degrees.
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and 53 right now. san francisco with mostly sunny skies heading into the afternoon. we will be seeing breezy conditions. really limited. temperatures inland. climbing into the mid 80s. like we had yesterday the breezes are going to pick up. the wind direction today, sea breeze inland. more out of the north and the northwest. that is a dry wind between now and thursday evening has prompted that red flag warns out. trough of low pressure to the north and west. we may see temperatures briefly climbing a new degrees.
6:49 am
60s to low 70s for the high today. a chance of mountain showers too. today's high close to 80 in san jose. san francisco close to 70 today. notice the temperature drop around on friday. highs in the low 80s. beautiful sunrise. as we saw many shots around the bay. your commute direction westbound and eastbound. it is not a surprise with the maps. but then the bridge across the peninsula where there is a
6:50 am
little build. this is southbound 880. that build kicked in over the last 20 minutes. it shows a lot of slowing. little bit of bogging down traffic around north first street. it is not usual for your pattern on wednesday. all starting to kick in right now. reports of a cement truck on its side. something as large as a cement truck on its side will prevent slowing. smoother drive around the rest of the drive as you would expect.
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westbound 80 coulding an issue there. slower drive toward the toll plaza. building coming off the bridge eastbound. that will be an issue coming off the area approaching the oakland side. >> this morning students gathered on campus to mourn the loss of students. >> not one more. not one more. >> that is the father of christopher martinez. he led the crowd in a chant of not one more.
6:52 am
references the crowds in gun violence. saying it has become normal to accept these kinds of massacres. california lawmakers are pushing to prevent gun violence. two bills would allow family members and friends to request retraining orders against people who threaten to harm others. the other bill would establish statewide protocols who are called to check on mentally troubled people. the only way to ban a troubled person from owning a gun is if that person is in voluntarily committed to mental health treatment.
6:53 am
there will be a candlelight vigil for those victims tonight. >> also responding to the rampage putting off a drill which was actually scheduled on friday. the drill would be upsetting to people at this time. the training is more important to people than ever. at 6:53 arson investigators trying to pin point the cause of a fire. they noticed another burning a few feet away. no one was there when crews arrived and that is usually the case with fires at homeless
6:54 am
people. >> communities rely on reserv r reservoirs for water but because of the short age they have to rely on ground water. >> more carpool signals could double the number of stickers which would be issued. >> tech giant eriksson has made this year's largest leasing deal in santa clara county. the new deal could be built near highway 101 and bowers avenue.
6:55 am
the company plans to fill those offices with 2,000 employees. thei building should be finishe this year. >> he will deliver a commencement address at the university of colorado. i kicks off a reception at a private home and wraps up the day at a democratic committee downtown. vice president expected to stay overnight in the city by the bay. >> the hidden cash guy could be planting bills this morning. >> any clues? >> not yet. can you believe there are around
6:56 am
131,000 people following the man behind the@hiddencash twitter handle. ever since he started put ping out the hidden cash drop offs. he did drop several hundred dollars throughout san francisco at the base of lombard street and the clues are not difficult to solve. for one of the pier 39 drops, he put out one of the picks with texts that read this is the view from behind the blue railing also look for something white and folded. >> i saw the tweet.
6:57 am
i walked down over and on that area over there this envelope was taped up and folded with $100 in it. >> i'm going to buy my friends food and drinks. >> the man behind @hiddencash remains anonymous. in an e-mail to us this is what he wrote quote: >> let me check again to see if he has posted a clue. he has posted a clue. indicates i don't have to go far. it says don't go booking don't take a hike hey good looking just look behind your mic.
6:58 am
oh. >> that is amazing. >> how did this get here. there is another clue. before you go off running like a rocket. stop you moron and look in your pocket? what? i had no idea. there is another 79 out there somewhere. he is going with 100. >> that's all i got. bob's twitter has lots of interesting information. >> civil rights leader poet has
6:59 am
passed away. this is video of the hearse leaving her home this morning. >> tonight's interview with edward snow den. you can watch the interview right here on nbc bay area. two 8th graders are flexing their spelling skills. right here in the bay area, they are among the 281 spellers competing. it is fun to watch. we'll have more tomorrow. that is what is happening today in the bay. we'll be back with a live update. don't forget to join us.
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nbc bay area news at 11:00. we'll have more. ♪. nbc news exclusive. edward snowden, the man who committed the biggest theft of u.s. secrets in history, tells brian williams he was trained as a spy. >> when they say i'm a little level systems administrator, that i don't know what i'm talking about, i'd say it's somewhat misleading. >> this morning, why he's as surprised as anyone he ended up in russia, and secretary of state john kerry reacts in a live interview. a call for change.


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